Snapchat is reportedly looking to raise as much as $4B in its upcoming IPO

In May earlier this year, Snapchat raised around $1.8 billion in a financing round that valued it at around $18 billion — and now it looks like that valuation could double in its upcoming IPO.
Bloomberg is reporting that Snapchat is looking to raise as much as $4 billion in its initial public offering that could value it as high as $35 billion. Previously, the company was reportedly planning to IPO as early as March, though as usual all these things are subject to change.
There’s a couple important footnotes in these kinds of situations. First, these discussions seem pretty early in the process, and we probably won’t know where things finally land until the IPO is priced closer to its listing. So setting these kinds of early expectations is often a tactic used to entice potential investors to the IPO. The company has chosen bankers, according to that report, but it’ll still take a couple months to pan out before we see some final details.
Second, as a result of them seemingly being ..

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Airbnb’s female employee representation down since last diversity report

Airbnb recently released its 2016 diversity report, showing a 57% white workforce (last year, Airbnb was 63% white) and 43% female workforce — a 3% decline from last year. Although Airbnb lost some female employees, the company noted that it has doubled the number of women in senior leadership roles and increased the number of women in technical roles.
Regarding underrepresented minorities, Airbnb’s workforce is 6.5% Hispanic and 2.9% black. Next year, Airbnb’s goal is to increase its overall percentage of employees from underrepresented employees from 10% to 11%.
In order to get there, Airbnb says it has expanded its efforts to recruit people from historically black colleges and universities, as well as from schools with large Latino populations. Airbnb also recently started working with diversity recruiting startup Jopwell to source candidates from underrepresented groups. Lastly, Airbnb is implementing a new policy to require that women and people of color are included in the cand..

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Microsoft’s Paint 3D is a simple entry into rudimentary 3D modeling

Strange is it sounds, Microsoft Paint is once again a Windows focal point . Thirty-one years after its introduction with the first version of the operating system, the software giant has given the application one of biggest revamps, putting it at the center of a 3D content ecosystem that will play a key role in future hardware and software offerings.
When you get a chance to sit down with latest version of the operating system in all the hardware glory that the Surface Studio, it’s important to keep in mind that Paint 3D, for all of its demo panache is still Paint. That means we’re dealing with an entry level graphics editing app – albeit one that can do 3D now.
The tools will be mostly familiar to anyone who has spent any time with an older version of the app (a list, one assumes, that includes anyone who has touched a Windows machine), but now there’s an additional tap that lets you add some depth to those rudimentary images you create with a finger or stylus.
As advertised, it’s ..

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Lifestage, Facebook’s teens-only app, hits Android

Lifestage, Facebook’s newer “teens-only” app designed to counteract the Snapchat threat by giving younger users a place to connect outside of Facebook’s larger social network, has now arrived on Android. Previously an iPhone-only application, this experimental app represents Facebook’s attempt to woo the high schooler crowd, while also testing other features like video profiles, gamification elements, and more.
These things could make their way into Facebook’s main application, even if Lifestage itself later fails.
Lifestage is now one of many ways Facebook has been targeting Snapchat’s user base. In particular, the company understands that Snapchat’s camera-first design mechanism is one the social app’s key draws.
To engage Facebook users in similar ways, the company acquired photo and video filtering app MSQRD, then tried out selfie filters on Facebook using that technology, alongside opening your camera right on top of the News Feed.
It also reached out to the developer communit..

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Apple delays AirPod rollout, don’t expect them in October

If you’ve been waiting for Apple’s AirPod wireless headphones to go on sale, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Apple says that they are not ready and they it will need ‘a little more time’.
“The early response to AirPods has been incredible. We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers,” an Apple spokesperson said to TechCrunch.
Apple did not say whether hardware or software updates are what is at the heart of the delay so I couldn’t conjecture which. My experiences with the AirPods have been very positive this far but the pre production units that were given out to press are not without their foibles and bugs. I have seen a variety of small software/hardware interaction issues that have caused some frustration – but have taken them in stride because they are not final products.
It appears that Apple feels the same way and is taking more time to fix either hardware or software issues ..

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Big Engine 1000HP+ (Special)

When it comes to cars, no matter what kind of enthusiast you are, there is something about these big horsepower builds that really draws in attention and makes the audience stop and stare, waiting to see what else the amazing machines have to offer.
In this collection, we dive into a whole group of cars that are pushing out north of 1000 hp and they show off that power in a variety of different ways from ripping on an unsuspecting set of tires to hitting the dyno rollers and everything in between.
The unique mix features everything from a Dodge Charger to a gnarly sounding Porsche amongst many others. The one thing that they all have in common is that their superchargers whine and turbos whirl to boost these monsters to horsepower supremacy.
Check out the video below that shows off this collection and tell us which of the following cars you think is the coolest of the bunch. It’s really hard to go wrong with any of these machines.

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Microsoft shows off a new input method with the Surface Dial

Okay, this is cool. Microsoft kind of powered past the Surface Dial in all of the pomp and circumstance around the new Creators Update version of Windows 10 and the Surface Studio all in one, but the new wireless peripheral offers up some interesting new methods for interacting with the company products
The name and form factor tell you lot about what you need to know here – the dial is effectively a wireless knob that can be assigned to different tasks. In the on-stage demo at the end of the Studio unveil, the company showed off how it can be used to, say, display and hide handwritten notes on a document.

The possibilities of such a device, it seems, are endless, though the company just touched on a few of the simpler ones, including the ability to adjust volume and brightness. Once synced to a computer and in-use, an analog version of the Dial will show up on the center of the display, which works particularly well with the Studio where you’ve got plenty of screen real estate.

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Fixing exhaust dents with water? Massive water pressure

When you’re out and about, beating on your stuff sometimes you do a little bit of damage to it. Don’t fear, the wear and tear is normal and to be expected. Sometimes it happens when you aren’t even beating on your ride at all and is just a byproduct of driving it.
This time, we look at a really common phenomenon in an exhaust dent. Most will argue that they don’t really affect performance but the fact that they’re unsightly is something that most can agree upon. However, dents are something that you really couldn’t do too much about without making it a major project – until now.
In this video, we are shown a method that uses a pressure washer and a couple of stoppers to put some extreme pressure on the inside walls of this exhaust and push the big dent right on out with ease.
Check out the demonstration below tell us what you think of this method of getting rid of that unsightly exhaust dent in this two-stroke piece of hardware.

2 Stroke pipe repair with water pressure. Credit: ri..

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Javelin Venture Partners just closed its fourth fund with $125 million

Javelin Venture Partners, a San Francisco-based, early-stage venture firm founded in 2008, has closed its fourth fund with $125 million, which is the same size as its third fund, closed exactly three years ago.
The firm has also promoted principal-turned-partner Alex Gurevich to managing director.
To date, Javelin has invested $350 million across 65 companies. That it hasn’t enjoyed a home run hit yet underscores how times have changed, with fund investors — known as limited partners — willing to wait for their cash returns because, frankly, they don’t have much choice.
“Companies are able to stay private longer, it’s a fact of life,” says Javelin co-founder and managing director Jed Katz. Javelin’s limited partners, made up mostly of family offices, understand that shift, Katz says, adding, “We’re always in close touch with them about our portfolio companies and who the great companies are.”
Presumably, one of those companies is the home services marketplace Thumbtack, which has n..

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